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Available designs

Design name



D0 – Single-Axis Interface Board

Capitan NET-E/C

Everest S NET-E/C

Everest NET-E/C

Vastly known as XCR, this design consists of an ultra-compact interface board. Conceived to offer interface and connectivity for almost all the features embedded in either Capitan NET or Everest S NET. Despite its small size, it’s rated to the full power of the Everest S, and gets the drive ready to use by including the required electronics for EtherCAT and CANopen communications, I/Os, and every compatible feedbacks, among others.

D1 – Dual-Axis Robot Link

Capitan NET-E

Dual-axis interface board for the Capitan NET-E. It serves the same purpose as a traditional robot joint, but moves the components to the mechanical link, thus freing space from what is typically the densest part of a collaborative robot, the joint, to often underused parts as the links connecting those joints, hence reducing the integration complexity of the robot while keeping the advantages of Capitan NET as a motion controller.

D2 – Six Axis Logistics Robot


Coming soon!

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